Tamir Vered

Tamir is a co-founder and the CEO of Cymaera. Prior to founding Cymaera, he held several development and architecture positions in leading software companies (Varonis, Applied Materials), as well as being a team leader of a Unit 8200 software framework development team. Tamir owns a deep understanding of C#, .NET internals and the CLR and experienced with solving difficult problems such as memory leaks, runtime code generation and performance issues, in addition to modern C++ and Low-Level development. Tamir is also experienced with reverse-engineering, vulnerability research and Windows kernel hooks.

Eran Shisel

Eran is a co-founder and the CTO of Cymaera. Prior to founding Cymaera, Eran was a lead developer at an IoT startup company, and served at Unit 8200 in different roles and positions, among which High-Level developer, low-level cyber researcher and a software development team leader. Eran has a solid C#, .NET, C and C++ knowledge, including driver development and working with hardware; owns a rich experience with reverse-engineering and vulenrability research of desktop applications (x86/x64, .NET) as well as embedded systems (MIPS, ARM, PowerPC).

Design. Development.

Quickly delivering full end-to-end solutions to a variety of software project types, from the early stages of system design to deployment, providing a state of the art clean, documented and maintainable code.

We are masters in the .NET eco-system, especially with C# and C++/CLI, own an inside-out knowledge of the CLR, and fluent in native environments with C and C++.

Boosting your software into hyper-drive mode by implementing high throughput, low delay systems, along with utilizing hardware devices such as GPU and integrating with FPGA.

Research. Reverse Engineering.

Providing meaningful insights, while tapping into the software internals of any given product, be it a classic software application or communication equipment.

Black-boxing & White-boxing via either static or dynamic analysis with proven methodologies for both well-known and lesser-known (even esoteric) platforms. Among the variety we support:

Processors: x86/x64, ARM, 8051, MIPS, PIC, MSIL, PowerPC.
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Android and OS-less bare-metal.
Environments: Desktop, Mobile, IoT, Embedded.

Advising. Problem Solving.

Pushing your business towards top-of-the-line software design and system architecture with tight advisory guidance.

Enhance your employees' knowledge by inviting us to give either one-time lectures, or building a custom course/seminar on the topics of your choice.

We also offer an advanced debugging service for difficult problem solving, with the specialization of pinpointing memory leaks, deadlocks & race-conditions and resolving performance bottlenecks using advanced profiling techniques.

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